Structure Commercial's inventive approach to commercial real estate combined with a complete understanding of the unique processes involved in leasing and sales transactions keeps our clients loyal to us.


In addition to a good location, a successful retail center requires the right merchants. Structure Commercial has long-standing relationships with local and national retailers. Those invaluable associations combined with an established leasing strategy help us to attain the ultimate tenant mix. Along with our tenant relationships, Structure Commercial brings a full understanding of property ownership and extensive market knowledge to each and every project


Creating value in commercial real estate requires diverse skills and knowledge from start to finish; it requires not only acquiring property in the most beneficial way, but also selling it later at the highest price and most favorable conditions. Structure Commercial meets the needs of our clients through successful acquisition, improvement of value and disposition of investment properties


Structure Commercial clearly understands today’s corporate business climate and strives to cut operating cost and drive value to your bottom line. We specialize in matching your sophisticated logistical requirements with the right property. By providing market-specific information, Structure Commercial supports real estate executives in making knowledgeable decisions that result in increased company worth.


y teaming up with Talley Land Development, Structure Commercial’s extensive knowledge of the market gives our clients the edge in deciding the highest value and best use for their land. We examine each site to assess all options and identify the best way to maximize value. From determining land value to estimating time to market to comparing the advantage of selling, subdividing, developing, or redeveloping, we can guide you through the process.